A disaster may occur at any place in this world without any warning. Many of the peoples may get trapped in those areas and may seek help. This demands a smart application using which a team of authorized organizations can track them within a short interval of time. Solution may be an Android Application called Shortest Path Tracker (SPT) for Disaster Management.

1. SPT should be a GUI based system containing two basic ends. One end for users and other for the team who is trying to track peoples in the disaster affected areas.
2. User clicks the image if trapped somewhere in those areas and upload those images through his/her side.
3. The metadata (location co-ordinates, time etc) gets extracted from the image
4. The other end produces three most efficient roots to the place where that image had been clicked. This will help the team to reach the place as soon as possible. [The application should be enabled with GPS so that after getting the shortest path the direction to the destination gets enabled]